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The End of Liberty Is Here
By Katheryn Burson


February 20, 2012
Monday PM

The NDAA passed without hearings, thereby cementing the U.S. as a police state giving law enforcement the right to detain and imprison us WITHOUT charges or due process.  Police brutality is being covered up by grabbing of citizen’s cell phones & cameras to prevent filming.

We are over $15.2 TRILLION in debt.  Our money has no backing.  Government now wants to control the Internet. We have failed ventures (Solyndra $550 Million, Ener1 $118Million) and illegal activities (Fast & Furious) being covered up by the Eric Holder, Head of the “Department of Justice.”

Centers all over the country secretly collect our data and track our activities. FEMA camps all over the US include barbed wire facing inward, guard stations, restricted access, cameras and plenty of coffins waiting for us.  

Obama care’s mandate will force every American to pay for abortions regardless of citizen’s will or religious beliefs.

Wake up folks!   The wolf is at the back door.  It’s NOT someone else’s problem. We should all be collectively & ACTIVELY participating in the Get Out of Our House ( plan to clean out the entire House of Representatives by replacing them with citizen representatives before we lose what’s left of our freedom.  This is the way out.  Let’s grab onto it and turn out in droves by participating in GOOOH.   Shame of those of us who think we’re too busy to save our own future and lives.

Katheryn Burson
Houston, TX



Received February 17, 2012 - Published February 20, 2012

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