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Ketchikan School Board Budget Cuts
By Emilee Johnson


February 08, 2012
Wednesday AM

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you today to address my concern about the decision to cut AP classes as well as the band, art and culinary programs to account for the possible budget cuts. I am currently a college student and can speak from a personal level on how important these components are to students futures as well as the academic standing of the school.

Coming in as a freshman to college I was able to bring 13 credits with me as an accomplishment to my participation in the AP classes at Ketchikan High School. This has allowed me to get a huge head start in the path to my degree and has even cut my schooling down to three years as an undergraduate before applying and attending veterinary school. This advantage I am truly thankful for. I feel privileged to have been able to work with such helping and concerned teachers who were willing to do what they could to help to succeed. This is something that you should not take away. Taking away the privilege of these students to do what they can to excel to the highest degree and get that first foot in the door to the college life is crucial to helping them strive for and reach their academic goals.

Now high school has a different meaning for each student. Along with the academic drive there is also a very important part of the school that contains the art, culinary, and band programs. As an active member in the band community I can personally say that this class is something that I looked forward to each day. It was a class where you don t have to worry about fitting in or what any one else is thinking. It is a place where you can forget whatever stress or drama has happened in your morning and just leave it at the door. It gives kids a chance to perform and show their talents. This goes the same for art and culinary as well. These classes are vital to the survival of students high school life and the best way to be themselves.

I hope that this letter will encourage you to think about all other options before making any dramatic cuts to programs that are important to Kayhi. I realize and understand that the school district goes through budget cut issues every year and it is a very hard decision to be faced with. All I am asking is that you take the time to listen to me as a representative of the Kayhi alumni who is concerned for the standing of the school and the opportunities to the students.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Emilee Johnson
Pullman, WA

About: "I have recently graduated from Kayhi and have benefitted greatly from each of the areas that may be cut from the curriculum next year. I think it is important that our opinions are noted and all options looked at before making a dramatic cut to the band, art, and culinary programs that are so important to the students and alumni of Kayhi."

Received February 04, 2012 - Published February 08, 2012



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