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RE: Option for Public Employees
By Chris Elliott


February 02, 2012
Thursday AM

I know in my heart I'll regret commenting, but I just can't resist. Ms. Machado's two basic assumptions are questionable. One, that government recruits and retains the "best and brightest" by offering outstanding benefits & retirement plans and, two, that public employees deserve the best, most secure retirement because they give their best.

Most government employees have better benefits and more secure retirement plans than private employees right now. There are competent employees in both sectors and there are incompetent ones in both sectors as well.

I am not convinced that government employees need additional compensation in the form of enhanced benefits.

Chris Elliott
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Private sector employee for 35+ years"

Received January 31, 2012 - Published February 02, 2012

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