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Too late by high school
By A. M. Johnson


February 22, 2011


Exiting the second grade without reading at grade level will find a student struggling and falling behind. Entering the fourth grade all the picture books disappear and text books are in full print. A struggling or failing reading student becomes bored, and begins the journey to dropping out. He/She will fail as a student. By the time a student reaches the 8th grade without proficiency in reading (basic math as well) they are on the way to dropping out of school. Children brains operate at a higher absorption rate in the early primary grades. Concentrated pre/post testing in Kindergarten, first and second grades will identify children who are struggling or failing.Reading strategies MUST BE instituted then not later. Waiting till middle or high school to address student drop out is far far too late to be effective.

Increased funding, often the hue and cry from the education profession is not the cure. Following is an example of spending. and the results

Locally, several years past, a community gathering to address education, a small table grouping with a facilitator resulted in a predetermined goal. As recalled, it was pretty much a "Little Red School House" outcome. The community had superior teachers, the building administrators and Superintendent were highly rated, community learning building facilities were quite adequate or becoming updated, our participating community parents were outstanding. The root cause back then for the lack of success was short fall in funding and it would help if we had a submissive school board and smarter kids.

Just saying,

Ketchikan, AK

About: "Past school board member (Recalled-with pride); almost a dropout, saved by a dedicated fourth grade teacher!! She knew phonics!!"

Received February , 2011 - Published February 22, 2011


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