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Native fisheries
By Randy Williams


February 14, 2011
Monday PM

Alaska Fisheries, Why, Why, Why, I have written several letters over the years bemoaning the fact that we the Alaska Natives have let the non-Indian run State governing agencies destroy our food source. I have often said our culture is based on our ability to preserve our food and prepare it like our grandparents and their parents have since we were of the people. Oh, how much we have lost. I have often said the Tribes in the lower forty eight do not face this same dilemma because they control and preserve their hunting and fishing rights.

Perhaps Metlakatla can save us by exercising their hunting and fishing rights on lands that aren't historically theirs. Maybe we should cede all our lands to Metlakatla and let them put them in trust so we can protect that we have lost. Why can't our Tribal Governments protect our food sources or did we just give them away with ANCSA and the mighty dollar.

Don Hoff's ideas may seem radical but he is RIGHT, we have to stop letting State for profit agencies manage our food source. Let's all argue over who gets to go to Las Vegas instead of the issues of protecting our children's right to be Native in a land that was once ours and a food source that was once under our protection.

Ketchikan, quit fighting with your Tribal Government and KIC step up and lead instead of worrying about getting re-elected.

Sealaska obtain your timber land and forget our food souce? Which is really more important to your shareholders, use your influence to get back our food. We never had to be assimilated, we just gave it all away and forgot how important our food was to us as a people. We learned how to dance and say a few words in our language now let's fight for the future of our real culture our food source.

Randy Williams
Omak, WA


About: "Alaska Native, fisherman, seafood gatherer, Believe that Alaska food has always been for Alaska Natives to preserve and share and not for the so called Alaskans to sell and make a profit off of. Where have all the leaders been while our food source has been stolen from us in the name of profit. "

Received February 13, 2011 - Published February 14, 2011


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