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Enough is enough!!
By Jodi Marrow


February 03, 2011
Thursday PM

This is a first for me, and long time over due. I am Kyle Palmers Mother. I am trying to understand why my son is drowning in a political loop hole. Kyle did absolutely nothing wrong, my child was asleep when another young man walked into his apartment while he was sleeping on his couch and was shot in the face with a .280 caliber rifle. His situation is not something that you see everyday or something that anybody should ever see. I was a witness of this unimaginable scene.

I have had to defend his character too many times to count? I find it so completely insulting for anyone to defend the actions taken by KIC tribal council to not pay his medical bills, I want an honest answer! Just one would be refreshing and a start in the right direction. I have been bold face lied to by the president, contract health, general manager, and a council member who called me as a class mate and a friend to say "I am so sorry about Kyle, I will do everything I can to help Kyle" I am not mentioning names because what is the point? These men and one woman know who they are. I can not be proud of being a member of KIC because "I have no value". These few council members chose to value my son's life @ zero dollars? A proposal was negotiated between IHS, Senator Begich and his Ketchikan Rep Bob Weinstein -- their staff worked for months to resolve Kyle's health care crisis, ending with a $25,000 payment from KIC. (Listen very carefully, here's the clincher, "that would be reimbursed to KIC" yet they voted No???

It would cost them nothing? As a parent try to wrap your mind around that? I have explored every available option. I am at a stand still? I understand that our council members have individual liability insurance policies that are paid for with our federal dollars yet as a tribal member I was not able to obtain this information from the finance Director? Maybe another tribal member has a new area for me to explore? Kyle is 24 years old and has his whole life ahead of him. I refuse to take "no" for an answer. I will see this through, this is not just a "KYLE PALMER" issue it effects all tribal members. Shame on anyone who can defend these actions! I can not accept that these few members would vote no. Who voted? Did Debbie Patton act alone? I am entitled to this information, but I haven't so much as one honest answer. Ask yourself this question? "If this was your child, what would you do?" I chose to get to the bottom of this and take the appropriate steps to make this wrong a RIGHT! in closing remember? as I am putting together the last missing pieces of this unfortunate cover up! " Individual liability insurance," those of you who have taken action on this issue have set yourselves up for PERSONAL LIABILITY!

Please continue to be involved in all KIC issues. Election is just the beginning, any assistance with this frustrating process would be appreciated. Howaa!! As a tribal member you have a right to the information in all actions taken by the tribal council, this is your right! Don't wait till next year's election or you will find yourself in this same loop hole. Do not wait until it is too late to make a difference, get involved we need you, all the strength and support we can rally to be heard as a membership of our community. Please contact KIC tribal contract health and ask what the policy is to go to the emergency room? The fiery hoop you have to jump through will appall you. It is time to clean this house. Every tribal member has a voice, take advantage of Kyle's political loop hole. Your voice may save your child in the future. "It takes a village to raise a child" let's stand united and proud of who we are "A VOICE FOR CHANGE.

I have had so many inquires about donations for Kyle. In closing you can donate @ Tongass Federal Credit Union, to the Kyle Palmer medical fund. This is a fund that is managed by attorney appointed trustees.

Make our Tribal Council members be accountable for their actions.


Jodi Marrow
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I was raised in Ketchikan, I am a KIC enrolled tribal member, I am a mother, and I am guilty of not paying attention to what goes on with our federal dollars and or who spends it, and on what? My son was a VICTIM of a violent crime with no warning to defend himself "A VICTIM" "

Received February 03, 2011 - Published February 03, 2011




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