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State Fire Marshal Officials Give Authority to City


February 18, 2010

Ketchikan, Alaska - City of Ketchikan and State Fire Marshal officials signed an agreement Thursday giving Code Enforcement, Inspection, Plan Review, and Fire Marshal authority to the City of Ketchikan.

jpg  Signing of the agreement today.

Lt to Rt: Alaska State Fire Marshal Dave Tyler, Assistant State Fire Marshal Kelly Nicolello, and City Fire Marshal Richard Tombaugh.
Photo courtesy of Clifton Allen, City of Ketchikan

For many years city departments have provided building and life-safety inspection services to the community but the State Fire Marshal's office was the overall enforcement authority. With the signing of the agreement today, City Fire and Building officials will be able to provide better customer service and fees as these services will remain local. Plan Review services, local inspection and code enforcement authority will now become the responsibility of City Fire Department and Ketchikan Building officials.

Quoting a news release, "We believe the local Plan Review services alone will provide a faster and more personal response to contractors, builders, and home-owners. Not only a faster turn-around for our customers, but the fees collected for those services will remain in Ketchikan. We will continue providing fire and building inspections within the city and our fire and building officials will now be the points-of-contact for questions related to building construction and fire code enforcement. This will provide contractors, builders, citizens, and architects with better "Person to Person" contact and the ability to know who they are working with on a local level. Fire Code enforcement and Construction files too will remain local, providing for easier access to records."

Representing the City of Ketchikan at today's signing of the agreement were Mayor Lew Williams, City Manager Karl Amylon, City Attorney Stephen Bradford, Building Officials Charles Dearden and Thomas Joseph; Public Works Director Clifton Allen, Fire Marshal Richard Tombaugh, and Fire Chief Jim Hill.

Representing the Alaska State Fire Marshal's Office were State Fire Marshal David Tyler, Assistant State Fire Marshal Kelly Nicolello, and Deputy Fire Marshal Robert Plumb.



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