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State Fire Marshal Announces Burn Awareness Week
February 7 - 13, 2010


February 05, 2010
Friday AM

Alaska State Fire Marshal, David Tyler reminds Alaskans that February 7th through February 13th 2010 is Burn Awareness Week. "Burn Awareness Week is an opportunity for Alaskans to focus on simple safety measures we can take to prevent burn injuries," says Tyler. From 2005 to 2009, there were 369 burn injuries reported to the Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety. On average, 73 Alaskans suffer burn injuries ranging in severity from moderate to fatal each year.

The number one burn injury in Alaska is scalding from hot liquids. Unfortunately many of these burns happen to children under 12 years old. Fire Marshal Tyler offers these tips to prevent scald burns:

  • Remember to keep children away from the cooking area in a safe zone.
  • Turn pot handles inward in order to avoid knocking them over.
  • Use hot mitts to protect hands
  • Don't drink hot coffee or tea while holding babies and toddlers.
  • Turn on cold water first then add hot water.
  • Test bath water before putting children in it.
  • Place children facing away from faucets in the tub
  • Never leave children alone in the tub for a single instant

Burn First Aid

If someone does suffer a burn, the most important thing is to get the fire out. "Teach children to stop, drop and roll, if their clothing is on fire, "says Tyler. "Cool a burn with cool water, don't use ice or butter or ointment which can make the burn worse, and be sure to call 9-1-1 for medical help for all but the most minor burns," he added.


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