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Sealaska Landless Communities
By Vernon Grant


February 19, 2010
Friday AM

In my last letter for public interest, on November 16th 2009, I had voiced my personal opinion about how Sealaska has not addressed the landless issues of the 5 communities, that were left out of the original ANCSA of 1970's. But have you noticed the Sealaska website headlines: "Haa Aaní Legislation" you would think that what they were speaking about is the final act of the ANCSA to finalize the whole bill as promised!

For those who have not read my last letter it can be found here:

In my opinion you cannot speak of such things as quoted in their own words "Haa Aaní Legislation"

This bill, the Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization Act, or Haa Aaní (a Tlingit phrase representing Native peoples' relationship to the land) would fulfill Sealaska's final land conveyances as promised 38 years ago in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).

In my opinion this land bill has misrepresented the 5 communities that the government has inadvertently left out of the original ANCSA,before any other land issues are addressed, the ANCSA in whole must be fulfilled. To say that the "Haa Aaní Legislation" bill is the FINAL act in the land issues is misleading and unfair to the ones left out

What about the 5 communities that have been deemed equal to receive recognition as native communities and eligible to receive corporation status?

What about their rights to receive lands for the natives of these communities?

Who is speaking for them and their families and their rights to be included in this land conveyances of this final land act?

Vernon Grant
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Sealaska Landless Shareholder"

Received February 13, 2009 - Published February 19, 2010


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