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Benny's From Heaven
By Rob Holston


February 23, 2009

This letter is a response to Ernestine Henderson's letter RE: Benny's From Heaven. Insensitive? perhaps. Bigot? no way.

Definition Wikipedia: A *BIGOT* is a person who, without thought, is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles or identities differing from his or her own, and *BIGOTRY* is the corresponding attitude or mindset.

I'm just an white guy who doesn't have a racially prejudicial bone in my body. I AM intolerant of folks who throw cigarette buts on our streets, abuse children (born or unborn) or people who choose horrible diets and expect a nationalized healthcare system to pick up the tab, but I digress. I embrace life, ethnic and racial diversity and enjoy the God given differences He has created. I also enjoy humor like the famous black musician Eddie Jefferson wrote in the song I sang at Cabaret, Benny's From Heaven. (YOUTUBE.COM)

My opinion is that we, as a society need to move beyond the '60's feelings of racial distrust and into a future that allows humor to operate as a tool of healing and binding love. This isn't the first time that my attempts at humor have gotten me into trouble, however. I tell really good "French" jokes & "New York" jokes to thousands of folks every summer and yes I've had a few complaints from those suffering from French or New York Hyper Sensitivity Syndrome. Those complaining were INTOLERANT of my jokes, yet for each of the past six years, I've been voted "Tour Guide Of The Year." for Ketchikan. I feel that my sense of humor adds a bit of spice to a sometimes bland environment. Of those voting for me, the most common accolade was, "Great sense of humor."

I'm sorry you were offended.

Rob Holston
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 15, 2009 - Published February 23, 2009


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