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Roads and Bridges to SOMEWHERE
By Rob Glenn


February 12, 2009
Thursday PM

Mr. McGillvray, I have been saying that for many years. When I lived in Ketchikan and the bridge was to Gravina was a big topic, I said they needed a bridge and road to the mainland. After I moved I said the same thing. But on here, people did not like that. They wanted that bridge to Gravina period.

My whole thought was get the money and build so people would be able to come and go from Ketchikan. The road would need gas stations, public service, it would probably create needs for housing and so on. Plus RV's could get there in the summer for vacations. It would have created jobs.

But No the only thing people wanted was that bridge to Gravina which they thought would create growth for Ketchikan. I wondered how? I mean wouldn't it be better for people to be able to drive into Ketchikan. It would have been another option off and on the island.

All I can say Mr. McGillvray,, expect people to write pretty negative comments about your initial topic. Seems the bridge is still a sore subject. Maybe you will be lucky and they won't attack you.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

About: "Rob lived in Ketchikan for 3 years"

Received February 06, 2009 - Published February 12, 2009


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