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by Ken Bylund


February 05, 2009
Thursday PM

Go on the internet and ask 'what is in the bailout bill'. You won't find anything... biggest, best kept secret and We shouldn't be cautious or suspicious of aristocrats running government? Does anyone think GM will change if we give them billions [that's thousands of millions] of dollars? Who believes it only postpones an inevitable collapse of a corrupt and dying industry? Why is that a good idea? Bernie Madoff should've been stopped when he began the world's 2nd biggest ponzi scheme... show of hands on that? So, SEC is incompetent or worse? Is corruption in government responsible for our owing $10,674,204,242,448 or nearly... Eleven - Thousand - Billion-dollars; roughly $35,000 dollars for every citizen - 300 million of us. American money is worthless, promissory notes for what? Don't worry?

So how does borrowing or printing another trillion or thousand... billion... $ in American paper, fix anything? You get a check in the mail? Are we stupid? Suicidal? It is abundantly clear, them aristocrats with law degrees running Federal, States, Counties, Boroughs, Cities, are not altruistic, smart, or honest. They live like self-congratulatory royalty beside that illusionary money stream, dip in at a whim, and can't seem to find any beneficial way to utilize our potential [tax everything in case you need to be reminded - and are themselves tax evaders] and give us nothing of lasting value.

They promise free health care, and instead we get museums for Woodstock, sod for the mall, birth control for foreign countries, and my favorite... millions to some agencies to reduce smoking! Hey, just lock the doors on the cigarette manufacturing plants, is smoking good for our health? Duh? When is the last time a hydroelectric project was put on line? Wind farms? Please... clearly the places where reliable wind might be harnessed is not on or near any grid to any industrial center or city. And the idea of battery only cars? Will be a boon for towing service, trucks on gas or diesel... them batteries are good for roughly a hundred miles. Try imagining how many battery operated cars will be parked [dead batteries] along the streets, roads, highways. Can already hear them say, these cars will have small gasoline motors also; but what they wont admit... many wont!

The BAILOUT... world's 1st biggest ponzi scheme; what's with the sheer madness in wasting money - representing our potential for great things on rhetoric, promises of free money... free money has a catch! It becomes worthless. What if the Congress, Senate, and President Obama... just Stop Pork Barrel Waste, a kind of hiatus of blatantly criminal behavior... how long would it take to pay down that Eleven Trillion $? Any money for jobs should go to a JFK man-on-the-moon style promise to harness the oceans, more hydroelectric, geothermal, and even a bit of wind and photoelectric where feasible. A NASA project that will focus on substantial reward, called ROI... return on investment... and create jobs that actually lead us back to the great country we once were... and could be again.

Call your Senators, Congressman, the President... let them know we are watching, because they think we are not. If they're right, we become Zimbabwe. Free money is like heroin in that dirty needle... might feel good for awhile, but it won't end well! Be Happy?

Ken Bylund,
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 05, 2009 - Published February 05, 2009


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