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By Charles Edwardson


February 05, 2009
Thursday PM

I also agree with the Borough Assembly's decision to endorse the performing arts center with the head tax fund we receive from tourism and with the decision to explore the old Fireside building for the location.

The head tax is intended for enhancing tour related activities and I can think of no better way for part of this tax to be spent, to enhance the quality of life for the citizens who weather the storm all winter and keep the lights on in the winter, and maintain the roads, buildings and shops throughout the long, sometimes unbearable, winters here in Ketchikan, so when the inevitable tidal surge of visitors come to this town they can count on a well maintained vibrant little town in the middle of a vast wilderness,

If the vast wilderness part sounds kind of dramatic, take out a map and take a good look at were we are at and the proximity of any major supply town within hundreds of miles of were we are at at this moment.

(IF) To enhance the quality of life for he "supporting cast" of the "greatest play" we all are involved in, which is making a life here on this island, is not a legitimate expenditure of this tax, I would challenge any other better use of this money.

Also this is the first good idea in a long while the Borough Assembly has come up with other than funding the school district in the manner that they have recently. They need to be supported in this wholeheartedly.

Just so I am clear when I make another run at city council I would oppose a sales tax or bond issue on this project, but I one thousand percent agree to use the tour head tax for this project.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Received February 04, 2009 - Published February 05, 2009


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