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The price of gas
By Jim Dornblaser


February 03, 2009
Tuesday PM

The price of fuel (gas included) is regulated by the demand on a base amount of supply. We are living in a capitalistic free market society & I for one am GLAD, HAPPY, wouldn't want it any other way.

Supply here is by barge. If a barge runs round trip from the refinery to Ketchikan it will take about a week per load.

Let us suppose the retailers sold gas at 10% mark up & the usage went up to 1 1/3 barge loads per week. The supplier would have to buy another barge & tug, plus hire a second crew. His cost to supply you just doubled so the cost would go up accordingly.

If the gas companies regulate the price so that one trip per week will maintain the supply, then the extra investment of increased volume for transport plus increased storage becomes unnecessary.

Way too many of our society want Government to 'fix-it' when the answer is " why require price controls + the rationing that would follow when it's not broke now".

The simple answer is "CONSERVE". When the supplier can't sell all of his supply, price will come down, & NOT 'TILL!

We as a whole have become a spoiled society totally addicted to our personal transport. It has become a status symbol, entertainment system, temporary home away from home, & all around play-toy. When necessity requires a moped, most of us drive a LARGE SUV.

Last but not least, while we as a whole scream for lower prices, maybe we could figure a way for EPA to further regulate the oil industry & drive the price even higher.

Jim Dornblaser
(recently of Ketchikan)
Thorne Bay, AK

Received January 27, 2009 - Published February 03, 2009


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