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Making Silk Out of Sow's Ears
By Jay Jones


February 25, 2008

The article in Sitnews on Feb.23rd concerning the conviction of James C. Hayes for Theft, Money Laundering, etc, etc, fails to mention that the "grants" in question were actually earmarks. Maybe the lawmaker who submitted the earmarks should have checked on the character of the recipient more thoroughly, even if he was the ex-mayor of Fairbanks. But wait! The lawmaker was The Hon. Ted Stevens! And The ex-Hon James C. Hayes used to work for (and live with) The Hon. (as for now) Ted Stevens. For all we know The ex-Hon James C. Hayes wrote his own earmarks.

So what do we know about earmarks? They are bi-partisan. We know (in spite of what most politicians and the local media will tell you) that they are convenient tools to enrich one's self and staffers (Check out who owns land around the proposed Knik Arm Bridge). And they are used to garner campaign contributions (Road to Nowhere, Florida).

So I am curious, in this culture of graft that earmarks facilitate, why anyone would so vehemently endorse them. It's a no-brainer why most politicians like them. It's a direct quid pro quo for campaign contributions, jobs, etc .

Who owns land near the imagined "Bridge To Nowhere". And will they complain about rising assessments while local politicians scramble to figure out how to spend (head) tax money on art while raising utility fees on said land and granting exemptions to private enterprise for said utilities?(WHEW)

If "all politics is local", is the 9 trillion dollar debt local also? Where did all the money go, "Fourth Estate"?

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 25, 2008 - Published February 25, 2008


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February 23, 2008

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