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Complaints about City Workers
By Linda Lingenfelter


February 23, 2008

In response to Ms. Richardson's 'bashing' City employees during the recent snowfall, the person you are pointing a finger at was one of two persons working on snow-removal that particular Sunday;

He was working on his day off, assisting with clearing snow from the roads for residents - like you;

He gave up his day off and time to help the City - and residents, like you;

He does NOT live on Jackson Street (get your information correct);

The incident you are trying to cite was when he assisted a driver that was stuck in the road, creating a danger to herself as well as a hazard to others;

Jackson Street has a very steep grade, with parking on both sides, creating a problem with where to plow the snow berm - other than in everyone's driveway - blocking them all in - or out;

An attempt was made to not make the berm situation worse - thereby creating a more dangerous situation, so the berms were plowed AWAY From private driveways on Jackson Street - as opposed to your interpretation of "plowing private driveways";

I, too, live in Bear Valley;

I was blessed by a (local resident) "Good Samaritan" that cleared the snow berm from my driveway - as well as others in my local vicinity (God bless this person...);

What did you do to assist any of your neighbors ?????;

I have had more than 30 years of driving in much worse winter situations, and would not have had a problem getting out of my driveway - even if I had to shovel my way out;

In the past, I have shoveled my driveway out more than four times in the same day - without complaining about City workers not doing it for me;

The "back of Bear Valley" was no where near as bad as driving on Schoenbar; Driving in the snow is far safer than driving on sheer ice - where the snow has been plowed;

I own a vehicle that is equipped to handle the worst weather situations (we do live in Alaska...);

I applaud the City workers that gave up their time off to assist in a terrible and unexpected weather event;

The person you are complaining about would have gladly assisted you, had he been working in "our" neighborhood;

Attitudes like yours make workers want to say "to hell with them" when the weather gets bad enough to warrant the City to need volunteer workers.....;

By the way - his driveway was bermed over too, until he shoveled it out by hand...;

P.S. - I didn't get any "special assistance" from either him - or the City - and I'm his mom !!! Shame on YOU!!!!

Linda Lingenfelter
Ketchikan, AK


Received February 22, 2008 - Published February 23, 2008


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