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Electricity from trees
By Joseph Rene DuPont


February 23, 2008

Dear Editor,

Once again I found your article on electricity from trees very interesting.

Obviously Alaska has an almost unlimited amount of trees. I have done my own experiments and have gotten between .6 and .8 volts from trees. I have also done some calculations based upon the time it took to charge capacitor banks. Although these calculations would suggest that MAGCAP is trying to present unrealistic potential for unsuspecting investors, there may be a way to run some kind of pendulum motor from such low voltages and in the process create usable voltages, which over time could charge a batter.

Although I still question how practical such project might be, it would be fun just to do it.

Most sincerely,

Joseph Rene DuPont
Towanda, PA

Received February 22, 2008 - Published February 23, 2008


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