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Alternative fuel methods
By Christopher Lemerond


February 23, 2008

I agree with Mr.Moon that we we need alternative methods for energy production. Biodiesel, Hydroelectric, and biomass are all good alternatives. These and other methods are the only hope for our future as humanity. The automobile companies buy off and eliminate any threat to their great empire. How long will their influence last? Will there be a day when the people stand together against pollution, rising cost of fuel, and the crippling effect they have on our wallets, and way of life? Many people struggle and worry about how they are going to pay their bills, heat their homes, and get to work this week -- just to turn around and give their hard earned dollars right back.

I work for the Marine Highway and the fuel cost alone keeps us out of work due to the limited number of riders. If there were other fuels at a lower cost to use it would keep more boats in the water, employees working year round, also ticket fare could be decreased and more travelers would get around.

The price of fuel to heat homes is outrageous. People are stealing not for money, I think mainly so they do not freeze. Many would say they are selling the fuel but I don't see anyone standing on the corner offloading jugs of fuel at a discount rate.

$1,200.00 a month between home, car, and generator. Many people are suffering and what does the future hold for many Alaskans at the rate we are going? Would the local companies be willing to go out on a ledge to demand change or stand back and suffer or complain about it?

Why do we Alaskans pay the shipping fee of our own fuel? We get some back with a dividend but the extra dollars we as taxpayers spend all year makes one question if we really are being reimbursed, or getting the skimmings off the bottom of the much larger money pool that we help fill. I would also like Chuck Moon be willing to start and stand on a committee to help make a change. This letter is only the beginning, we as Alaskans have to stand and be heard.

Christopher Lemerond
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I work for the Alaska Marine Hwy. Firefighter/EMT"

Received February 20, 2008 - Published February 23, 2008


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