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City taxes and sorry service
By Eileen Small


February 21, 2008

To add to the voice: I have TWO properties in K-kan and get taxed out the you-know-what on both. I have paid all my taxes on both. It wouldn't irk me so much if I saw that I got something for my money. As it stands, the city hasn't picked up my home trash in over a month because the trash truck won't come down my hill and won't sand the hill on which I live so they CAN come down it!! DUHHHHH!!!!! And just generally does less than anywhere I have ever lived for the taxes they charge!!! I know a woman whose Dad retired from the city and she tells me that 10 years ago, the streets were taken much better care of than now. Surprise, surprise!

My house is at the bottom of a bad hill --- but if we (personally) can have it plowed with an old 1970's plow (which I do because otherwise I'd have been snowed in all winter!) that we bought for $500 and then get up and down said hill in a 4 wheel drive--what is up with the city? Maybe their workers should come out of the local doughnut shops and hey --- WORK???

I don't mind paying taxes for services rendered. Paying taxes so that some upscale neighborhoods get great service while I get none irks the heck out of me!

Eileen Small
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 18, 2008 - Published February 21, 2008


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