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Speaking of Change.
By Virginia E. Atkinson


February 18, 2008
Monday AM

Everyone talks about change, but when someone tries to change anything they get crucified for it. So much for change, huh? All the Presidential candidates have been talking about change, nothing new, I've been hearing talk of change since back in high school days, and the only change I ever see is inflation going out of control and it's always a select few that benefit from it.

Speaking of change, what really needs change in this country is the financial system, how monies are provided to all programs, departments or projects, how grants are handled, how accounts are set up. The system needs to change so that NO ONE would be handling monies personally. "Change" the financial system somehow so that programs, departments and projects can still be funded without any "sticky-fingers" touching it. Look at the system now, it is so messed up and too vulnerable. Like taking candy away from a baby. Do away with general fund accounts, it is what's causing all the trouble, that account can't be trusted.

Someone needs to develop a "fool-proof" financial system so that no one can handle monies appropriated for certain programs, department, projects, etc. When no one is handling the money personally, no one would be accused of embezzlement or money laundering. This system now is too susceptible to criminals that can gain easy access to any account, is affecting businesses, banks, etc. Like I said before, this system now is so easy it's like taking candy away from a baby.

So to ALL you presidential candidates, you speak of change so often, how about changing the financial system in this country? Right now it is totally messed up and definitely not "fool-proof". We've seen enough proof on the news the past few years of so many politicians going to prison simply because the financial system in this country is too vulnerable.

And no, I don't claim to be speaking for anyone, just expressing my own opinion, 'cause everyone has their own opinion on issues.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK

Received February 15, 2008 - Published February 18, 2008


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