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1/2 Ferry System
By Jerilyn Lester


February 18, 2008
Monday AM

WELL!!! Now that the state has taken none of the opinions of the people that use the system, we are now stuck with only one ferry going to Bellingham which means that we are now relegated to going on vacation at the state's discretion. Since the Lynn Canal "old boys club" is more important to the government of the State of Alaska and the Palin bunch, those of us who actually use the Alaska Marine Highway System and live south of Juneau are not even considered to be part of the state, although if we attempted to stop being part of the state they would holler.

We are responsible for part of the DOT monies that come into the state but we have to beg for every penny where the mainland people just have to mention that they would like to have this project done. Evidently we don't deserve to have access to any highway. They are building new ferries and new roads in the interior but our roads are pot hole infested and patched together to get by. You know, in my opinion, this is all being paid for with the money that Palin stole from Ketchikan when the bridge earmarks were removed because of public concern down in the lower 48. As with most of what happens in this state the lower 48 has more pull than the people that actually live here. Palin who promised to make Alaska first in her priorities only meant the mainland and reluctantly down to Juneau since it is the Capitol for now. When is this madness going to stop? When are the people of Southern Southeast Alaska going to put voice to the fact that we are getting passed over for everything and it needs to stop and now before the Administration makes us dry up and blow away!

I am so completely disgusted with the whole Palin Administration that I am not sure I want to be considered Alaskan unless you consider Southeast Alaska a separate State.

To add a foot note to whom ever told someone on the board that they didn't know the intricacies of the Ferry system can't count. When you have two trips and you take one away it leaves only one ferry and since you don't operate the ferry from Ketchikan to POW any more there aren't any other ferries to count. The ones that go north only serve those who live north of us so they don't count for here.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ferry rider and concerned citizen. Resident of Southeast Alaska."

Received February 13, 2008 - Published February 18, 2008


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