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Ferry System
By Jerilyn Lester


February 10, 2008
Sunday PM

I have been watching things go on and on about the ferry system. It was set up as our highway system between islands as the state didn't want to build roads between the islands here. We do not have another alternative as they do in Juneau.

By the way most of the people in Juneau take Alaska Airlines, since the discounts that are supposed to go to the smaller towns that don't have more than one airline get taken in Juneau so that we down here have to pay full price to get off the island,.

And there are two new routes up north that now take the place of the one trip to Bellingham for those of us in the lower Southeast. Two new routes with at least one new ferry but they don't have the money to continue to fund the only way to get off the island for me.

Since the ferry is going to start it's southbound route up there, if I don't book my passage at least 6 months in advance I don't get to go. But those of you in the northern part of Southeast who can drive through Canada get the ferry to Bellingham and I who have no way off this island without the ferry get stuck here because there is no road to Canada from Ketchikan, Petersburg or Wrangell.

The highways up north don't pay for themselves or even half their costs and now they are shutting down one of my highways. Have they shut any highways down or completely closed any roads up on the mainland or in the northern part of Southeast? I think not!!

Why are the people of Southeast allowing this to happen and why would we as Alaskans even put up with it? We are Alaskans but the powers that be are taking away all of our means to be part of the state and we are sitting here and allowing it to happen. What happened to the spunk that used to be here?

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Longtime residident of Southeast and ferry rider."

Received February 07, 2008 - Published February 10, 2008


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