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Election gamble
By Tim Utz


February 04, 2008
Monday PM

A couple informational points I would like to share. Being Ron Paul support is so much first time voting and caucus, including me, many mistakes are being made by supporters that do not reflect on the actual support.

One example is in Louisiana caucus. A group of Ron Paul supporters was standing around talking outside the meeting place. The caucus leader instructed the group to get inside as 7:00 pm is approaching. 16 went in and 4 continued talking past 7:00 and were disqualified. Ron Paul lost the precinct by one vote.

In Maine this last weekend, a group of Romney folks showed up at a precinct both husband and wife, I think eight couples, total 16 votes. The group of Ron Paul were 10 but without their spouses. Again, Ron Paul had greater support, but was at home with the kids.

The stories are reviling two things. Ron Paul has larger support than results show, and Ron Paul people, being new to the primaries and caucus format need to be focused.

Another issue dealing with the poll reporting. The polling companies are not providing a Ron Paul option when polling likely Republican voters. In addition, in Minnesota where I live I have 4-5 relatives and friends who are going Tuesday and vote for Ron Paul. None have voted before in primaries and some have never voted before. None of this group are even polled by the media polling demographics. This is just the facts this year with so many Ron Paul supporters getting involved for the first time.

I do hope Ron Paul continues past Supper Tuesday. Romney had a poor showing, probably quitting, and Huckabee ran out of funds to continue, leaving McCain and Ron Paul. With 20 plus states remaining and more Republicans not liking McCain, Ron Paul can win or have enough delegates at the convention to win the nomination at a brokered convention.

Take care

Tim Utz
Columbia Heights, MN

About: "Precinct captain and watching the election very closely. I may have a chance this year to vote for president with purpose over holding my nose the last 30 years."

Received February 04, 2008 - Published February 04, 2008



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