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Super Tuesday: Think before you vote
By Mike Isaac


February 03, 2008

In any normal Republican primary Mitt Romney would win or he would be tied up at this point in the game with the only other Republican Ron Paul. But this is not a normal year, the ruling class and media are pushing hard for John McCain a man who is more liberal than Hillery Clinton. Then there is this Huckabee guy from Hope, Arkansas who wants to give illegal aliens tax dollars to pay for college, and seems to be in this race at this point for the purpose of keeping a Mormon out of the White House.

Both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are both talking about the things that matter - the economy, unfair trade agreements, illegal immigration and jobs going overseas. Ron Paul is also questioning the value of the dollar and is not afraid to say that Iraq was a huge mistake. This country has blown over 500 billion tax dollars in that sand box.

Before you vote look at the facts about McCain and don't just vote for someone because they are the media front runner. Let's look at the facts, McCain was against DRILLING IN ANWR, he voted against Republican taxes cuts, he tried to block GW Bush judges from the bench because they were not liberal enough for his pal Ted Kennedy, he had big fights with fellow Republicans from CA and AZ over the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill. He supports Al Gore's stance on global warming even though 1996 was the last warmest year on record. And he is always at odds with his fellow Republicans on many other issues. Even Ann Colter would pick Hillery over McCain - need I say more. Anyone but McCain

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

About: Former Ketchikan resident.

Received February 03, 2008 - Published February 03, 2008


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