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Price of Fuel
By Chuck Moon


February 03, 2008

I know that I drive my wife nuts talking about the price of fuel, be it home heating oil, gas for the boat, or truck -- but here goes the rant. I myself am tired of seeing oil and natural gas produced within the state sent south to be refined then delivered back to us for double transit costs. Worse yet, we buy oil from countries who in turn use that very money to sponsor terrorism.

It would be in our best interest to produce some of our own energy besides hydroelectric power (which this winter has not been so good). Possible sources such as biodiesel, obtained from fish oil, could be used for generating electricity, used as home heating oil, and diesel fuel to power the fishing fleet. Beach wood (lord knows we have enough of this lying around) and biomass could be used to produce ethanol for use as auto fuel. Programs to recycle burnables as fuel, tidal generators (using our 10 ft tides), and windmills to produce electricity.

I am sure we have enough grant writers in Ketchikan to assist in obtaining Federal aide to help start these projects. In addition there must also be tax write-offs for businesses engaged in energy production. Not to mention that these ventures would provide much needed jobs. Since the cost to produce electricity will only rise, one added benefit of becoming self-sufficient is the stabilization of energy costs. The capital gained in these ventures would stay here in SE Alaska and not used to support terrorism.

I would like to volunteer my time to sit on a study group or help on any boards that might be needed to focus on this matter.

Chuck Moon
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 02, 2008 - Published February 03, 2008


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