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Eyes on Gravina
By Roberta McCreary


February 27, 2007
Tuesday PM

Thank you Gregory for giving us a comprehensive analysis of the situation about the roads being built on Gravina Island. Personally I was appalled to read that the basic laws that have been adopted to protect our environment have been put aside with the result of apparent degradation of the land adjacent to this road building endeavor.

We have a wonderful place to live here in Southeast Alaska. Can't we think beyond the immediacy of commercial objectives to a longer term vision that not only assures the ongoing opportunity for commerce but also protects our environment for the people who will follow us in the future?

This lack of long-term planning is very sad to me, when we have such a grand opportunity to do it better.

Roberta McCreary
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 25, 2007 - Published February 27, 2006

About: " A homeowner who cherishes the view of Gravina Island from my home, especially today with fresh snow on the mountains."


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