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Legislators' Salaries
By Rick Krueger


February 23, 2007
Friday AM

Regarding the salaries of elected officials in the House and Senate.....

Why not increase the pay for our elected officials in the Legislature???? Make it $4,000.00 per month plus the other "stuff"??? Our officials are some of the lowest paid in the nation.

This would amount to about, maybe, two to three million dollars per year. This is nothing compared to all the other "entitlement" programs that are virtually "welfare" by any other name and Socialist to boot.

Cut the "giveaway" programs and you would have plenty of money. I see the abuse everyday. Why does not somebody have the courage to propose this???? Maybe this State needs a severe enema like the rest of the country, huh??

Just thinking.......

Rick Krueger
Sitka, AK

Received February 22, 2007 - Published February 23, 2006

About: "Former Ketchikan resident, now living in the "People's Republic of Sitka"."



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