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The Stedman
By Al Johnson


February 23, 2007
Friday AM

Dear Editor,

Ms Pamela Stevens Dunn wrote: "My father was the manager of the Stedman Hotel from 1949 to 1952. He was recruited by Limon Ferris from the east coast where he was the general manager for the Sumit Resort. My Father's office was located on the second floor in the room containing cupola room. I remember visiting my Father, Howard Stevens, there."

As I read the story on the Stedman, I recalled to my wife that my Father, Elmer G. Johnson CPA was employed by Marshall Crutcher who was one of the first CPA's in Alaska. The office was in the cupola as well. The years were prior to l949. I recall the office as one that was wide open with a business fence between the waiting area containing hardback chairs of which I presently own two. The business side where the desk were located, were accessed by a swinging gate in the low fence. The setting was much like early frontier day scenes of banking offices. The location of the professionals within the cupola lent a feeling of royalty where low voices were used in all conversations.

I can recall the Chamber of Commerce had their lunch meetings in the dining/ball room, the old travel agency, owned by Cliff Taro at one time,was located next to the cafe and the gathering of all the local professional busy bodies for coffee and such. Nice to have the memories brought back.


Al Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 22, 2007 - Published February 23, 2006


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