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Youth Indoor Soccer League
By Phil Doherty


February 20, 2007
Tuesday PM

All youth indoor soccer players, parents, and supporters of Ketchikan's youth activities are asked to attend the Borough Assembly meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. It seems that Wendy Mackie who works at the Gateway Recreational Center and Roy Eckert, Borough Manager have quietly submitted Resolution No. 2027 that would severly impact the Youth Indoor Soccer League. That Resolution seeks to raise the hourly gym rate at our Gateway Recreational Center from $25.20/hour to $42.00/hour. No other official leagues or non-profit organizations are facing an icrease of this nature. The excuse is that indoor soccer causes more wear and tear on the facility than other sports, but no one from the GRC or the Borough can say that indoor soccer is the sole source of the wear and tear at the GRC, but soccer is the only sport facing this steep of an increase. In fact, in a January 15, 2007 letter to Ketchikan Youth Soccer League Board Members Roy Eckert wri!

"After looking at all of the facts, it appears to me that this is not so much a damage problem as one of space and time allocation. Unless I have been misinformed, I have been told that the schools have not allocated enough time or locations in the school gyms for indoor soccer, and this is putting a tremendous load on the Rec Center.

However, after stating that it is not a damage problem, but a time allocation problem Ms. Mackie and Mr. Eckert still saw fit to submit Resolution No. 2027.

We need the 130+ team players and the other supporters of this league and all of Ketchikan's youth activities to attend the Assembly meeting on Tuesday evening to make sure the Assembly members realize that the GRC belongs to the Community, and not the employees of the Borough. Supporting our youth activities is more important than undefined wear and tear to the Rec. Center.

Phil Doherty
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 19, 2007 - Published February 20, 2006

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