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RE: More Smoke
By Willi & Kären Johannsen


February 18, 2007
Sunday PM

Reading this letter from Charlotte just hit the nail on the head. My feelings exactly on smokers, trash and uncleanliness of the streets and properties. There ARE some beautiful well kept homes in town that the owners can and do take great pride in making the community a nicer looking place, but even when it is a "tiny" infraction on being clean, it really detracts from the welcomeness (is that even a word?)of the town. We should remember that Ketchikan is one of the biggest tourist attractions in SE and the first one on the line, so we should be extra careful about making a good impression on those visitors from other, cleaner lands. If everyone picks up a little, even when you didn't mess it up, eventually the place would be clean and stay that way. Sort of like when we train our children (and ourselves) to keep our rooms clean or take out the garbage, even when we didn't make the garbage. The scenery in SE is so beautiful and pristine, let's keep our town that way too.

And on a side note, many greetings from Germany to all our friends, relatives and fellow Ketchikanites. See you again in the Spring!

Willi & Kären Johannsen
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 16, 2007 - Published February 18, 2007

About: "Been a resident and business co-owner in Ketchikan since 1967, with occassional jaunts and sojourns to our summer home in Germany."




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