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Novel litter idea
By Dan Patton


February 18, 2007
Sunday PM

Hey here's a wild idea for all you litter haters: why don't you PICK IT UP! It's actually pretty easy. You grab a pair of gloves and some garbage bags, go to wherever you re sick of seeing the garbage, and put the garbage in the bag. Not that complicated. Who knows, maybe the litter bugs will see you working or see that the area has been cleaned up and think twice before being so thoughtless in the future. Citizens of Ketchikan let's model good citizenship instead of just complaining about the inevitable losers in our midst. You WILL feel better about you town and yourself afterward...I swear. And if you need a partner give me a call. My number is in the book.

Dan Patton
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 16, 2007 - Published February 18, 2007

About: "Enemy of litter...wherever it may lurk."



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