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Newtown Zoning
By Christy Showalter


February 18, 2007
Sunday PM

The following is a copy of a letter sent to the Borough Planning office.

I understand you are welcoming public comment regarding the zoning in the Newtown area of Water Street. Our family has lived at 808 Warren for 8 years. Many of our neighbors have been here as long. Some much longer. We all take pride in our homes and property.

Our family especially appreciates the quaintness and charm of the older homes and streets. We love our view of the Narrows, with the tug and barge traffic, the fishing boats and pleasure boats. Even the float planes, while noisy, add to the busy harbor ambience. We also have a boat. Many times on passing through the Narrows, we have appreciated the charm of Ketchikan from the water side. The older homes built on hillsides, the fishing boats, docks and floats, boardwalks and the facades of the older buildings downtown. I believe it is this charm and quaintness that is appealing to the thousands of visitors we have each year. Think of their first impression as their ship begins to dock.

More and more people are living in suburbia with all the charm a square box can have. When they vacation, they like to see something different and imagine what it is/was like to live there. I think we all do this a little when we travel. We don't go to visit industrial row or suburban Anytown, USA.

As I said, our view from our home is very important to us. But the view from the deck of those cruise ships needs to be considered, too.

Height restrictions on Water Street should be limited to preserve the view from both sides, the water and the hill; and to enhance the charm of the Newtown area as we prepare to improve it.


Christy and John Showalter and family
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 16, 2007 - Published February 18, 2007

About: "Resident of Ketchikan-10 years. Homeowner/resident of Newtown-8 years."




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