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By Jerry Cegelske


February 15, 2007
Thursday PM

I received a complaint yesterday from a man who lives near the Mt. Point boat ramp. He said someone had dumped sacks of trash at the west end of Roosevelt Dr. He had picked up most of it but I was able to take some pictures of what remained.

The trash gets dumped, the dogs rip the bags open to get the food waste, the wind then blows the trash around for all of us to enjoy.

jpg trash dumped

As you can see in one of the pictures, there is already trash in the water drainage which will end up in the Narrows to pollute the waters we fish and swim in. I picked up a battery I found there and will drop it off at NAPA to be recycled so the acid will not end up in the water.

While driving back I had a great thought! What if one day in say April, we would have Trash Day. Everyone could take their trash and dump it in the streets. That way we could all see what is so attractive and rewarding to the slobs when they dump their trash for others to take care of. Maybe it would make a difference on how they see things. Then it was pointed out to me that there is so much trash dumped now that you couldn't tell the difference! I think that idea needs some more work on it before we proceed with it.

jpg trash

On a positive note, I received an e-mail asking for some bags and a place to work cleaning up the community. I am thankful for people like him, Gretchen Klein, First City Rotary, the Scouts, The Society of American Foresters, milepost sponsors and others who are willing to spend some of their precious time keeping our community cleaner than it would be, otherwise it would indeed look like Trash Day.

Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 14, 2007 - Published February 15, 2007

About: "Seeking help to keep Ketchikan and its environs clean for all of us."



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