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By Robert McRoberts


February 13, 2007
Tuesday AM

Well Carl my friend, you hit the tip of the cigarettes. I see two moms that think they were the ones being targeted by your letter. Well sorry ladies, I am a child of a mother that had to smoke in her car, in her home and at her work. I remember getting so sick of that smoke I would do some mean things to get back at her. When she used to run her store she would have two or three burning at a time I would go around and put them out all the time - she would get so mad at me. I could not take it. I had to work there, and I would just leave because I could not take the smoke. Since I was a child, I was put through that - I must say that is child abuse. Sure I still loved her with all my heart.

Six years ago when my daughter was two, I had to watch as my mother died from smoking most of her life. It was a very painful death.

When I was 13 I worked the summers on my bother in-law's fishing boat. He smoked at least three packs a day. He died almost twenty years ago -- a very painful death from cancer. Sure maybe you will die from something else but in America knowing what we know today, it is wrong to force children to breath your smoke.

I like the food at one local restaurant, but I can not take all the smoke in there. So they do not get much of my money. At another restaurant, the non-smoking area is always busy. Why can't you business people not see this and make all restaurants smoke free? All it takes is one cigarette to spoil a good meal. The other day we stopped in to a local water hole and it was enjoyable to have a few with some friends and not have to choke on smoke. Some one came in and fired up and i was done, good night.

I hope I never see another friend die from smoking. I don't think it's wrong to bring out the problem. Just wrong to act like it's not a problem.

Been there, been through it.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 12, 2007 - Published February 12, 2006

About: "Lost my mother to the love of her smoking and truly miss her not being around to enjoy my daughter."


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