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Smoke-free Valentine's Day Dinner?
By Kim Flores


February 13, 2007
Tuesday PM

Okay, let me get right down to it. My boyfriend tried making Valentine's Day dinner reservations at a restaurant in town and was told that there was no room in the "non-smoking" section but plenty of room in the "smoking" section. Does this mean that if we want to go out for dinner for Valentine's Day, we have to go to say.... Subway? Oh but wait, if we actually did get reservations in the "non-smoking" section, would that mean that we would be seated in the table right next to a smoking table?

I am curious to know how many people actually smoke in restaurants. I am not naive about this sort of thing, I am just curious!! If I don't smoke, should I have to inhale it when I am eating my dinner? The answer I am sure that most of you will want to give me is "no, you can go to another restaurant that doesn't allow smoking". But just think, how many "dinner" eating restaurants actually have a no-smoking policy?? Not many!

I don't want to offend anyone with my comments. This is not a smoker bashing letter. It's just a small bit of frustration seeping out. I believe that we all have a right to our oppinion and the right to choose whether we smoke or don't smoke. I choose not to. And as the smoke clears, it is becoming abundantly clear that if I don't choose to smoke, I had better just eat at Subway.

Kim Flores
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 13, 2007 - Published February 13, 2007



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