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Different Views
By Dinah Pearson


February 13, 2007
Tuesday PM

Briefly ..

1. I directly quoted the current child abuse law I didn't offer an interpretation of it.

2. Saying that feeding caged children dog food doesn't fit within the current definition of child abuse is ludicrous. Clearly, caging children is mentally abusive and feeding them dog food is at a minimum, mentally abusive. The law doesn't say they have to die for it to be a crime it's pretty clear on that.

3. Obviously, a new law would have to be written in order to enforce issues not currently covered. That's the way it works here in America. You have to HAVE a law in order to ENFORCE a law. Letting Uncle Sam twist existing laws to enforce personal opinions is a lazy and reckless use of political power.

4. And finally I'm totally comfortable with the government checking on the integrity of my tire rubber, my gas tanks, my milk, and my medications. I am not, however, comfortable with giving them more control in the raising of my children. No offense, but Uncle Sam seems to have his hands full right now.

Interesting to hear the different views though, it's what makes this country great.

Dinah Pearson
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 13, 2007 - Published February 13, 2007

About: "Non-Smoking mother of 5 who has taught her children not to smoke, not to judge those that do, and not to feel targeted when someone voices an opinion."



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