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Barge litter to Canada
By Ken Lewis


February 08, 2007

Ok, I think I get it.

Between the litter issues in Ketchikan, where one letter writer says (embarrassed for the town when the tourists are here) and (I've never seen anything like this next door in Canada). Then another says (I was told by European tourists that they were surprised at the amount of trash seen along the roads. One German tourist said you never saw things like that in Germany) and (It's one thing to have a messy yard that YOU own), these words are used to talk about garbage. Then a Canadian expressing how dreadful it would be to be like us, writes a letter saying (There is no way that I want my country to be part of a Union with a country that has outlawed Habeus Corpus, advocates torture and attacking sovereign countries without just reasons)

To the Canadian I say, you may feel differently about us shameful Americans if you didn't allow the French to invade your country and call their chunk Quebec? Abraham Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus for homeland security reasons, and Torture is not: Gitmo Prisoners 20 pounds over weight and playing soccer! It is: Not allowing our Marines to knock their teeth out when they throw poop at them.

Now on the local litter issue, I find it quite simple. When you train a dog, you give that dog Num-Nums. When you train a human you give that human an incentive. If instead of making a local home owner pay for a permit to build a tool shed, then tax him for the floor space? Why not encourage that person to build a structure to tidy up their eye sore property, and then knock off ten percent of their property tax assessment for doing so. A well trained home owner is not a human that cleans the road side for countries their ancestors left behind; unless they are encouraged to tidy their castle first. Call it stupid human tricks if you like.

Did you know that without Global warming all of Canada and half the USA would still be an Ice Sheet? If I vote for a politician that says they will stop global warming, will someone send me back to Europe or Africana please? I think Africana is what they called land on earth, before continental drift?

War never stopped anything, other than Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism. Make love after the War. Off to sensitivity class I go.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 08, 2007 - Published February 08, 2006

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