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Litter, and Unclean Streets In Some Areas
By Carol Baines


February 06, 2007
Tuesday PM

The litter in Ketchikan is out of control, I agree. Sometimes I feel like getting a large garbage bag and picking up the trash that is strewn next to the sidewalks; however, I'm sure someone that saw me doing so would say I was doing "Community Service" for supposedly doing something wrong.

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the dog droppings on the sidewalks? (In some places a person could play hopscotch trying to avoid stepping in it.) Isn't there supposed to be a citation issued to the dog owners for not picking it up? I feel a bit embarrassed for the town when the tourists are here because of the proliferation of dog dung on the streets. If dogs are running around loose and doing their thing by themselves, shouldn't the animal control rein them in?

I've never seen anything like this next door in Canada, and I've been there on vacation many times. I think we should start taking more pride in our community by keeping it clean and teaching our kids to respect the environment that we live in. More city trash cans placed on the streets might help, especially in the neighborhood areas.

Carol Baines
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 06, 2007 - Published February 06, 2006

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