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Very Proud
By Veta Mutart


February 05, 2007

This is a letter of encouragement to all of those parents out there who have tried so hard to raise your kids, even in Ketchikan, and wonder if they will ever amount to anything. I too struggled with life in Ketchikan, trying to keep my boys out of trouble and enforcing rules, morals, and values. I nagged them about homework and spent many late nights helping them finish projects due the next day. I feared their grades would never be good enough to graduate. Coming from someone for whom school came easy, I just couldn't understand why it should be a struggle all the time. I am sure there were teachers and counselors at K-High that thought my boys would live their lives in Ketchikan or somewhere doing menial jobs because they didn't express the desire to attend college after high school.

Well folks, I have to express my pride in both of my sons for proving some people very wrong. I only had to look at the picture in the recent TIME magazine of Staff Sergeant Jeremy Mutart and feel good inside knowing that he has "done me proud".

He is a fine young man, a good soldier who takes his job seriously, looking out for the soldiers entrusted to his care and a good husband and great father. He loves God, country and his family. He will be deploying this week to Iraq for a second year long tour.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have to God and my friends in Ketchikan for helping me through the tough times when I feared the boys would be caught up in the drugs and alcohol problems so prevalent among the young people.

Be encouraged parents and stay tough with your kids and don't be afraid to have a few rules.

Veta Mutart
Wakefield, KS

Received February 04, 2007 - Published February 05, 2006

About: "Resident of Ketchikan for 23 years, (now living in Kansas to help with grandkids) - just a mom who tried to raise her boys with good values and morals."



Staff Sgt. Jeremy Mutart, United States Army

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