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Airport Shuttle Needed
By Ken Levy


February 05, 2007

In response to Mr.Bill Thomas Sr., I agree with everything he had to say.

One must remember that Seniors in Ketchikan vote 90% of the time in local elections and Ketchikan Borough Assembly members should remember that Ketchikan Seniors have the skills to remember how they were treated when the next election rolls around. Maybe they are not as fast footed as they were once upon a time, but their minds are still sharp.

The shuttle service shutdown has hurt them and the Borough Assembly Members should remember who put them in office. I think they can do a better job helping the locals who are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. We owe the Seniors in Ketchikan so much and they should be treated with dignity always.

Whatever it takes, this service needs to be restored soon.

Thank You,

Ken Levy
Ketchikan. AK

Received February 03, 2007 - Published February 05, 2006

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