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Students Campaign For Full Funding for University


February 16, 2006

The "Full Funding Campaign" by the University of Alaska's Coalition of Student Leaders had over a thousand signature cards signed by registered voters from every campus across Alaska.

Rita D. Flagg said, "Amazingly, Ketchikan signed the most cards, beating Anchorage by 40 cards. Ketchikan had 357 cards while Anchorage had 317 cards." Flagg is the former President of United Students of UAS- Ketchikan and she served as the Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee in charge of the Legislative "Full Funding Campaign" conference which was created by the Coalition of Student Leaders.

jpg students campaign - Rita Flagg

Rita D. Flagg of Ketchikan, Alaska
Photograph by Matt Walker - View more photos

"After totaling all the cards there was over 4000 balloons, which represented the voters of Alaska that wanted their legislation to vote "Full Funding" for the University of Alaska," said Flagg. " I want to thank every one out there that helped the students with this. I am proud of Ketchikan and all its voters," said Flagg.

The Coalition of Student Leaders held thier 2006 Legislative Conference in Juneau on January 11th-14th.

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