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Unique idea...
By Rob Glenn


February 28, 2006
Tuesday PM

Mr. Ken Kirschenman writes, "If we were our own entity we wouldn't have idiots from the lower 48 telling us how to run our state and the people that live here could determine the course we take." My question to you is where would you get the money? From the oil? You may get stuck paying state tax.

Mr. Kirschenman, I would like to say that there are many other projects in Ketchikan that could use money like new paved roads rather then the dangerous ones North and South of town.

Safe Drinking water. Teen pregnancy and many others.

SO hey, I in particular don't mind if Alaska wants to leave the 48, or at least become their own entity. If Alaska were to be on its own, things would be like they were before the lower 48 cared. It would be a rough rugged world. Plus you are lucky to have people down here telling you how to run your state, because you are part of the United States, and all the states are told how to run. You think Alaska should be unique. It is good that there are people watching and controlling what the Stevens and his buddy Young are doing. Because if no one was watching, those guys would have fat pockets and you would be walking around with out shoes, in houses warmed by wood and no electricity.

Yea, your response will be that I can't talk because I don't live there. Original at best... But I did live there, I choose to get out. And when I say get, I mean GET out. It was my choice, I saw the direction and corruption. I hated it and left. So good luck, maybe you can advocate and hey go to Washington and maybe you can push for Alaska to be like Puerto Rico, or Guam. See how well you do.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY - USA

About: Rob Glenn lived in Ketchikan 3 years

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