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What has happen to the Republican Party?
By Mike Isaac


February 28, 2006
Tuesday PM

I have voted for Republican candidates and propositions over 90% of the time since November 1984. Back then the party was for cutting income taxes, capping property taxes at 1% of the SALE PRICE of the home, a strong defense and budgets that were close to the rate of inflation. The man was Reagan, America's best two term Governor and President and the last Conservative to sit in the White House.

Twenty some years later and after the 9-11 attacks we have a president who wants to give 21 of our east coast ports away to a company in the MIDDLE EAST! Mr. Bush also wants to grant 20,000,000 illegals amnesty, a pay off to his big donors so that they can keep the SLAVE WAGE labor market flooded. I wonder what President Lincoln would think of this guy?

Then you have this run away spending that makes Clinton's budgets look small. The only good thing about the run away spending is Ketchikan may soon get the Gravina Island bridge built but if Bush gets his way with his Guest Worker/Amnesty for illegals program those jobs may only pay $6.00 an hour.

What ever happen to opening ANWR for oil and gas drilling, cutting income taxes and fixing Social Security? Instead he wants to do away with the State income tax and mortgage interest deductions.

And what is Kurt Olson (R) of Soldotna doing? I hear he wants cut ferry service between Bellingham and Ketchikan over Washington's vote on ANWR. The Pacific Northwest makes California look conservative and no US senator from Washington could vote yes on ANWR and get reelected. It would be easier to go after the no voting moderates in the Midwest than a former Green Party member like Cantwell.

There is some good news however, Bush can't run in 2008, Dick Cheney might step down after the 06 election and Bush did give us two good judge picks for the Supreme Court. But the best news is that Tom Tancredo (R) Colorado may run in 2008 for the White House. He is a true Conservative with good ideas and can beat Hillary Clinton the Democrat's front runner.

Mike Isaac
Crestline, AC - USA

About: Mike Isaac is a former Ketchikan resident - 1993-2002.



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