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Wasting Money
By Robert McRoberts


February 27, 2006
Monday PM

Congressman Don Young doesn't get it. He keeps pushing his comments out but he does not listen. But then again I listen and don't understand. I do however know how many people drive up and down our highways here in Ketchikan. We will always do that more than we will drive over your bridge. For years now we have been waiting for South Tongass highway to get better. We just keep seeing it pushed back. People living out north will feel the same way about this. These are high traffic areas - stores, gas stations and other business. We can not even let our children close to the roads on their bikes or walking. The ditches keep getting deeper and our shoulders skinnier. Kids get hit by cars. School busses and big trucks are doing all they can to stay on the road. It's like running the Baja 500 race track - all the bumps and dips. Then your boys tear up Tongass Ave. in town and leave it that way all winter - boy are we glad for global warming! If it had bee a tough winter, there would not of been too many snowplows left. Your bridge is more important than these projects. Our viaduct should be torn out now and replaced while this dock stuff goes on so when it's done it's all over - we move on. We'll have wider side walks and better parking.

I for one would rather see these projects done than worry about making a bigger mess and more bad roads. Get me off the island - but I want to go the other way driving to Wrangell or the lower 48. Wow! We would not have to depend on the ferry with less riders and greater cost.

I can see that the general population is getting tired of this hard headed Republican stance on wasting money. We do not need a gas pipeline but we do need a railroad that can deliver the natural gas anywhere in North America rather than one outlet. In talking bad about Republicans, I am not a Democrat - I am third party, the one that can stay in the middle with no ties, too bad there aren't more, maybe we could enjoy life.
Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Robert McRoberts moved to Ketchikan at the age of 9. He has been involved with logging and construction.



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