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American Ports
By Martha Leftwich


February 26, 2006

How can America feel safe, when the President admitted that he did not know that our Ports were sold to a Company that had a known link to the terrorist's that was involved in 911.

Who the heck is running our Country? Has he become so lame that he no longer cares about the affairs of America.

Have we stood by and let him and the ones that are running the Office Of The President of The United States, gain so much power that they can tell Congress, and the Senate to go to Hell? They are in charge and they will do as they please?

Are we at the mercy of those that we had nothing to do with putting in office?

He has appointed Scape Goats to run the most powerful office in the United States, they are in Control according to him. The only power he has assumed is the power to Veto any bills that would block what they are doing.

If you believe he wasn't aware of the selling of our Ports, I would like to sell you the Capitol Dome!
Before anything else happens our Law Makers had better review all the Executive Orders he has signed, and every amendment he has made to the existing ones. Oh yes he has been very busy creating a Dictatorship, he is brave enough to stand up and tell our Law Makers that he is the President and he will do as he pleases, and in the past has proved to be right.

The Republican Lawmakers that has followed him may have been too naive to recognize his plan for complete control, but they are finally standing up and saying enough.

We must Impeach not just Bush but Cheney, and every one involved with CFIUS.

We must take back America, and it is left up to the American citizens to do it.

Every Lawmaker that has contributed to his power gain is guilty, let them prove that they were unaware of what his evil plan was by helping America oust those that are selling out our country.

Martha Leftwich
Weaver, AL - USA

About: Martha Leftwich writes, "I am just a 70 year old widow that has watched as this Country has been bankrupted and given away to other Countries".


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