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Background checks
By Virginia E, Atkinson


February 25, 2006

It's always been a proper procedure to do background checks for every employee regardless of where they come from. The problem is this, an applicant's background can look squeeky clean, and yet, something is bound to go wrong sooner or later.

Through the years the news has shown that an employee can have mental problems and still be hired, so background checks doesn't really mean a thing. For so many years workplaces have had problems with employees going berserk over a problem they can't solve without violence, can't solve problems without guns or any kind of weapon, and most of those people are American citizens. So are we any safer now, hiring our own people than if an outside group was hired?

Don't forget, America has its own 'home-grown' terrorist, some of them could be your next door neighbor and you're not be aware of it.

Maybe the problem of hiring outside employees is because "our own" people don't want low-paying jobs and working for peanuts.

Virginia E, Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA

About: Long time resident of Metllakatla.



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