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Progress is the keyword
By Frances C. Natkong


February 23, 2006
Thursday PM

For fear of stepping on toes, I agree whole heartedly with Mr. Rick Watson. What people are saying about "The Bridge To Nowhere" I feel is totally wrong. Progress is the keyword here. Think of the jobs this bridge will generate plus the fact that lives will be saved in getting from town to the island. We live on Prince of Wales and back in the day we had to go to Craig or Klawock by boat or airplane, and some lives were lost, now that we have a road to the outlying communities there hasn't been any deaths, so there is a good side to everything. I tried to stay quiet for a long time especially when that term about the bridge to nowhere stuck in my craw. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion even tho I don't live in Ketchikan.

Frances C. Natkong
E-mail: fcnatkong[at]
Hydaburg, AK - USA

About: Frances Natkong has been a life long resident of Hydaburg.



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