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Moving Marine Highway Southern Terminus Foolish
By Doug Barry


February 23, 2006
Thursday PM

Moving the ferry system's southern port of call from Bellingham to Vancouver is a hairbrained, shoot-yourself-in-the-foot idea -- a knee-jerk vengeful reaction born out of frustration because some in Washington's congressional delegation don't favor drilling in ANWR. Ted Stevens' childish, tantrum-throwing style of politics is starting to spread to people like Kurt Olson. It's a style that only earns disrespect, satire, etc. It doesn't work.

While Vancouver and Victoria are beautiful cities, as Pete Ellis states in his comments, having to drive through border patrol, customs, etc. (both directions) will not stimulate travel to Alaska on the AMHS; it will discourage it.

Olson's idea is a terrible one and accomplishes absolutely nothing, other than wasting everyone's time.

Doug Barry
Seattle, WA - USA

About: Doug Barry was born and raised in Ketchikan; he now lives in the Seattle area.


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