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If ALL parents showed an interest?
By Neil Gray


February 22, 2006
Wednesday AM

Kayleigh Martin raised in interesting topic.

I think we all know drugs and alcohol problems amongst young people is so widespread that every community has it. In fact, my little Southeast Washington "first" hometown (population under 1,000) with a high school enrollment of under 150 has the same problem.

My three sons were raised mostly in Ketchikan, and they were never at a loss to find activities to be involved with.

You know where it starts? Parental involvement, training and teaching at home. Good, common sense parental guidance is crucial from day one.

In the many years I umpired baseall from Little League to American Legion in Ketchikan, it was always the same parents showing up and participating and showing an active interest in their children. It was always the same parents working the concession stands and helping raise money. The youth programs were a baby sitting service to most parents.
I've always laid the blame for inactive kids on the parents. That isn't a 100% problem solver, but can you imagine how much difference it would make if ALL parents showed an interest?

Your turn on the soapbox.


Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

About: "Former 20+ year resident of Ketchikan. We liked it so well, our family moved there three times from the "real" world."


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