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No one solution to the drug/drinking problem
By Ben Rosenfeld


February 22, 2006
Wednesday AM

There is no one solution to the drug/drinking problem in Ketchikan. There are many different reasons why young adults turn to these things. It's not just because there is nothing to do, but other situations. Family problems, depression, a need for escape, are some of the reasons why people turn to drugs and alcohol. The key to every young adult is good parenting, but that is not the same for everyone. The next place to turn is the school system. If there was more education of the harmful effects of drugs on their body, it would give the person an idea of what they are doing to their bodies. For how hard we try and think of a solution there is no one way to fix the problem. We can not force young adults to do something, but teach them why we know it's bad. Not some ridicules law that would take away people's rights and affect the whole community. Rather than being aggressive, we should teach them to not turn to these things. Teaching about drugs in school is the best way to prevent or help stop the growing problems in our community.

Ben Rosenfeld
E-mail: brose4[at]

Washington, D.C.

About: Ben Rosenfeld, of Ketchikan, is a college student at George Washington University.



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